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Are you the kind of person who loves trivia?
Look no further!

Noodle Party is a work-in-progress quirky local multiplayer quiz game with a few twists!
Compete against your friends or family and prove you are the smartest noodle!

Tower Challenge Mode

Gather points by answering increasingly difficult questions correctly. Then use these points to ascend to the top or hinder the progress of others! Sometimes minigames will appear that every noodle will participate in and can score additional points.

Winning takes more than just reaching the top. You can earn additional points by gathering bonus points that will be given out at the end of the session!

It supports single-player mode too, but we suggest playing with friends and family to get the full Noodle Party experience!

Extensive settings

Each game can be customized! Choose what subject of questions you wish to encounter. Select family/normal/hardcore mode for controlling the overall difficulty of the questions. Or make the challenge even tougher by introducing a time limit to answer questions.

Unlock additional features by playing

Unlock additional noodle types, skins, features and more by playing the game and earn coins that can be spent in the mysterious ancestral cave!

Home brew question manager

Our custom question manager ensures that every question is as unique as possible! We do not have questions and answers baked together. We use a smart tag system to randomly match answers to the rolled question.

Never let your guard down, sometimes questions may roll multiple correct answers, but nothing guarantees this will be the case! This makes sure that the questions, even if you meet with them again, won’t feel the same.


We can't be grateful enough for your kind words and support so far. 🥰
Now we humbly ask for your help, so we can fill Noddle Party with all the features we imagined and bring it to you as soon as possible.
Please, help the noodles by spreading the word.


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